Green Infrastructure

The future of energy is a present day concern at Lemanowicz LLP.  The construction of tomorrow’s energy  network will require the application of timeworn legal principles to an emerging industry.  Lemanowicz LLP is ready to respond to this challenge with a creative approach tempered by years of practical experience. 

Lemanowicz LLP represents members of the alternative energy industry in the Philadelphia metropolitan region.  The firm's alternative energy clients develop utility-scale solar and wind farm projects and adapt alternative energy technology to existing energy-consuming facilities.  The firm  unites landowners and investment capital to create renewable energy facilities through the use of power purchase agreements.  Such agreements allow a landowner to dramatically reduce or eliminate its utility bills without incurring the cost of constructing the alternative energy facility.  The investor who funds the construction of the facility receives a share of the electricity produced, which is sold to the utility company that would otherwise provide energy to the landowner.

Lemanowicz LLP draws on its fund of real estate development experience to assist its alternative energy clients at all stages of the development process, including due diligence, the acquisition of local zoning and building permits, regulatory compliance, real estate leasing and acquisition, and insurance issues.  The firm counsels new companies on the establishment of the business as a legal entity, drafts contracts and agreements for the procurement of personnel and suppliers, and creates service contracts with prospective customers.

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