Estates and Trusts

The best way to ensure that your assets will remain where you want them is to have a plan.  Lemanowicz LLP can help you prepare for the future with an intelligent and cost-effective estate planning strategy.  Lemanowicz LLP prepares individual wills, creates trusts, and helps clients make gifts or charitable contributions.  The firm also handles more complicated matters, such as the inter-generational transfer of a family business.  During the process, the firm works with the client’s accountant and financial services professionals to gain a complete understanding of his or her estate planning needs. 

Lemanowicz LLP provides estate administration services, including the qualification of the personal representative of an estate, and the preparation of the legal documents necessary to close the estate.  The firm ensures that the necessary federal and state tax returns are filed, including state inheritance tax returns and federal and state fiduciary income tax returns.  In the process, the firm educates the estate’s representative in the tax consequences associated with the options available.  The firm can also arrange for the appraisal, liquidation and distribution of an estate’s assets.  In the event of a contest or dispute, the firm is ready to aggressively arbitrate or litigate the matter on behalf of the client.

The firm's attorneys also help clients prepare for the incapacity of a friend or loved one.  Attorneys counsel clients in the areas of elder care, advance health care directives, living wills, durable powers of attorney, and other issues associated with the control of an incapacitated individual’s medical care and finances. 

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