Business and Commerce

Running a successful business requires attention to detail.  Lemanowicz LLP can help you manage the legal aspects of your company so you can focus on the bottom line.  The firm’s attorneys draft and negotiate contracts, financing and service agreements, and leases.   The firm can help a business create a partnership, form a corporation, or dissolve either arrangement.  Lemanowicz LLP also handles insurance coverage issues and disputes that may arise from the operation of a business, including tortious interference matters, employment litigation, and breach of contract cases.  The firm’s attorneys have represented clients in bankruptcy proceedings and enforced their clients’ rights as creditors. 

Also, in a society as regulated as ours, it is not unusual for a business to find itself entangled in bureaucratic red tape.  Lemanowicz LLP is experienced in representing businesses before federal, state and local regulatory bodies, and can help your business satisfy the requirements set by such entities.  

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